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eType is an online dictionary with translations that auto-completes your words as you type them and makes you type faster

eType is a online multi-language dictionary with translations and word substitutes to virtually any language in the world. It is a writing guide that auto-completes the words as the user type them, enabling typing faster and boost the level of confidence in writing. eType prevents the user from making spelling mistakes before they happen and helps him select the best word choice possible – even if he is not writing in his native language and it's easy to use.

eType works in full integration with almost every program, browser and Web site, including Microsoft Word, Outlook, Gmail, ICQ, Windows Messenger, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to name a few.

eType serves not only as a dictionary for individuals to utilize, but as a dictionary for everybody who uses eType to benefit from. Contributions are gathered from global users all over the world and are centralized in one common dictionary.

eType is suitable for Men & Women between the ages 13-37 are using E-mails and spending most of their time on social networks and online in general.


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    Suggests and completes words you type in any program on Microsoft Windows.
    I needed an autocomplete software like I have on my moMore

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